About EuropaCorp

EuropaCorp is a French film studio founded in 2000 by writer/director/producer Luc Besson. With heavy company growth within the American market, a US office was opened in 2013. EuropaCorp has made over 120 films since opening such as the TAKEN franchise, THE TRANSPORTER franchise, THE FIFTH ELEMENT, THE PROFESSIONAL, LUCY, and countless other US and French titles. The US team is small and intimate so there is potential to work hands on in other areas, as well as to have access to and face-time with studio executives. Applicants must be able to receive college credit.


Development Intern

September 2017 - December 2017 Los Angeles, CA
“The office was small so there are a lot of opportunities to get to know your supervisors well. They were extremely helpful and friendly, and gave me a lot of their time. After every script coverage I would turn in they would sit down with me to talk about what I did well or could have done better. There is also a strong international perspective in the office, and I would encourage international students especially to engage with them. Since my program ended, they've been very involved in helping me find work. Some of the best relationships I've made in the business.”
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