Evangel Christian Academy

IT Consultant

June - August 2020 • Montgomery, AL

What I liked

I liked the flexibility with my schedule, since I was taking classes at the time. If I had to take an afternoon off to work on a paper, that was something my boss would let me do. He emphasized that school always should come above work, so there was little work-related stress.

What I wish was different

I wish I was more prepared for what was occasionally asked of me. I didn't have much network administration experience at the time, so when my boss asked me if I knew how to modify the MAC address whitelist of the network, I had to tell him that, while willing to do it, was not something I was trained in.


Be confident in your knowledge. They don't usually have a dedicated IT person on staff, so even if you don't traditionally do IT (I don't-- I'm a programmer), you'll still probably be capable of doing most or all of what is required of you. Some experience in network administration would go a long way, though, which is something I lacked at the time.
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