Everlast Brands

About Everlast Brands

Everlast Brands is a small business that owns and operates Flood and Fire Solutions, Dry It Yourself Center, and Flat Rate Metal. We focus on results and are looking for outstanding individuals to join our team!

Our mission is to empower and inspire you to win. If you are excellent, can focus, and are passionate about your role, then we pledge to give you all the opportunities and tools required for success. There are no limits to what you can achieve at Everlast Brands!

You might be a fit for our company if: you’re limited in your growth because "Bob" hasn’t retired, your individual efforts aren’t valued or recognized by your current company, you can’t stand mediocrity, your job description limits you in your role, your boss makes you perform menial tasks because they are “too good” for them, your company requires you to have a degree or work there for X amount of time in order to advance, or promotions occur because of tenure rather than skill and ability.

You might NOT be a fit for our company if: you think your college degree entitles you to a position or certain pay grade, you put in minimal effort and say “that’s not my job,” your focus is on money over loving what you do, you don’t like to be challenged, or you view employment as just another way to pay the bills.


Advertising Management Intern

October 2020 Idaho Falls, ID
“I liked the knowledge and hands on experience I am gaining. Everyone is also super friendly. ”
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