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What questions should I ask an ExxonMobil recruiter at a career fair?

Some questions:- What will my daily responsibilities look like?- May I be chanced to go on a field trip?- How would you like me to prepare for the job before I start?
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What are your thoughts on the company culture at ExxonMobil Corporation?

Safety is a priority Process are in place and will be followed in order for work to get done. These processes allow for company profits and the company's strong safety record. They must be followed. People are generally satisfied with their jobs Career growth is infinite, but you are also respon...
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What do you think I should know before my interview at ExxonMobil?

Before interview, do a thorough research on them. Don’t go there looking surprised when the interviewer tells you about their portfolio. Find out what your job will entail. If possible, find out who would be interviewing you and try to connect with the person before the D-day. Goodluck!
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Does anyone know if ExxonMobil offers a mentorship program to its interns?

ExxonMobil does offer a mentorship program, and it is built into the structure of all of their co-ops/internships. They match you with a buddy within a similar discipline to help guide you and provide suggestions/advice as you progress projects forward. In my experience, my buddy guided me throug...
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Any tips for marketing myself when speaking to an Exxonmobil recruiter?

ExxonMobil hires students based on their personality (behavioral fit with the firm) and based on their academic abilities (intellectual fit). The best way to market yourself is to demonstrate the ability to take on challenging projects, work effectively on teams, and show an interest in the petro...
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Based on your experience working there, do you think ExxonMobil is a good place to kickstart a career?

ExxonMobil is a great place to kickstart your career because it is such a widely know and impressive company. XOM is known to have the best employees, therefore other companies are aware of the capabilities of those with ExxonMobil on their resume.
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If you've interned at ExxonMobil, what did you like about your time there?

Being an intern at ExxonMobil, you get to attend most employee meetings and in most cases you’re treated just like a full time employee! I have no reservations about interning with Exxon. Great company!
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What does it take for someone to succeed within ExxonMobil Corporation?

Succeeding at ExxonMobil requires delivering quantifiable value, clear communication of your needs and skills, and a willingness to embrace their safety focused culture.
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Are there certain skills that will help me succeed as a global supply chain intern at ExxonMobil?

ExxonMobil really works with each intern on a case-by-case basis to give them projects to use their strong skills as well as develop those that may be lacking. From my experience, interning for this company for two summers really opened my eyes to how they have been working to develop me professi...
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How much work-life balance would I get as a global supply chain intern at ExxonMobil?

ExxonMobil emphasizes work-life balance to its employees. They encourage flexible work hours, so many employees have the opportunity to work from home or work during non-normal hours. Even when considering transitioning employees to a new role, they will honor any preferences based on location, j...
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What's the average compensation for supply chain interns at ExxonMobil?

Compensation is formulaic and based on your education level, year in school, and major. Industrial engineering bachelors will make ~$80k, chemical engineering ~$95k. Internships pay $33-45/hour.
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Does ExxonMobil offer a paid internship for electrical engineers?

The expected compensation for Electrical Engineering Interns at ExxonMobil Corporation ranges from approximately $35-$45/hour depending upon previous work experience and the individual’s grade classification (sophomore, junior, senior, etc.)
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What's a day in the life of an engineer at ExxonMobil like?

Days are often spent responding to the previous night's emergencies. Work with your contact engineers to understand how the equipment is performing. Work with the SME to understand how to return equipment to normal operations. Communicate these corrections to Operations and Management. Long term...
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Are there certain entry-level jobs in the same industry as ExxonMobil that someone here could recommend?

Site Improve Engineer Site Contact Engineer ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Project Engineer Sales Engineer
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Going to be interviewed for a rotating equipment engineer intern role at ExxonMobil, so how can I prepare?

To prepare for an interview, I would highly recommend that you research about the company, its history, and try to find out information about rotating equipment.Be prepared to speak to examples from school, work or other professional experiences that demonstrate your ability to think critically a...
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I'd like some information on what a work day is like for a rotating equipment engineer intern at ExxonMobil.

An intern at ExxonMobil is very productive for personal growth and development. Interns at ExxonMobil are expected not only to learn, but are given projects and tasks to complete which contribute meaningful value to the corporation.Specifically for Rotating Equipment Engineering Interns, you will...
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Does a mechanical engineering major prepare someone to work as a rotating equipment engineer intern at ExxonMobil ?

Majoring in Mechanical Engineering prepared me well to be an intern as a Rotating Equipment Engineering Intern. In my curriculum, hands-on laboratories, which apply theories from courses such as machine design, kinematics of machinery, mechanics of materials and stress analysis (and others) were ...
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What skills do I need to succeed as an engineer at ExxonMobil Corporation?

Confidence Strong communication Social attitude Willing to work with others on a project team or Operations team Comfortable making decision and giving direction
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What should I know as I go into an interview for a senior petroleum geologist position at ExxonMobil ?

The interview is predominantly about fit so I would practice questions about your strengths and weaknesses. ExxonMobil's training is extensive so they will train you for the position they want you to fill and you don't need to know much about a specific job. However it is really important that yo...
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What does it look like to work as a senior petroleum geologist at ExxonMobil?

The jobs are highly variable as you could be working in Operations which is on call 24/7 or in Exploration which is a 9-5 job. I traveled extensively and sometimes spent 8 weeks on the road at a time and lived out of a hotel room. The early years you rotate through a couple of positions until you...
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