Factory Farming Awareness Coalition

About Factory Farming Awareness Coalition

Our Vision
A just and sustainable food system for all.

Our Mission
We empower people to end factory farming.

We are building the movement for more just, sustainable food systems!

The Advocacy Institute is a fellowship program that trains and prepares students to be effective leaders in the movement to end factory farming. The program’s goal is to set students up to make contributions to this movement in their future careers, whatever they may be.

Institute students deepen their understanding of impacts of—and solutions to—factory farming through a robust curriculum of readings and workshops. We provide effective communication training, evidence-based social change strategy skills, and hands-on professional experience.

Through the Advocacy Institute, students are exposed to career networking and mentorship opportunities through connections with movement leaders in nonprofit, business, and policy. Students form invaluable friendships and community during their time in the program, and FFAC’s Leadership Collective supplies lifelong career support after completion.

The Advocacy Institute is supported by foundations and by individual donors.

Our Values

Fierce Competence
We focus on achieving the greatest impact by effectively empowering the largest number of people.

Humble Self-Awareness
We recognize that we don’t have all the answers and will listen to others, including those we believe we disagree with, to grow as individuals and as an organization.

Ready Adaptation
We understand that social and informational contexts evolve, and seek new knowledge to update our perspectives and optimize our approach.

Inclusive Collaboration
We strive to see beyond our egos to meet others where they're at and collectively strengthen our impact.

Caring Accountability
We show our commitment to one another and our cause by holding ourselves to a standard no lower than excellence, openly addressing issues with honesty and directness.

Diversity Statement
In pursuit of a more just food system, FFAC is guided by values of inclusivity, compassion, and collaboration, and we recognize that equity, access, and belonging must be core facets of our organization. We are committed to hiring and retaining a diverse and culturally competent staff, engaging in anti-racism and anti-oppression work, and creating an environment in which all team members can thrive.

Factory Farming Awareness Coalition is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in the United States with some reach internationally.

Please find more information about the work we do on our website:


Intern at FFAC

June 2020 - August 2020 Oakland, CA
“I liked how structured the internship was! I got a lot of experience spearheading projects in a nonprofit space and learning the ins and outs of non-profit operations. The culture is welcoming and supportive to everyone as well despite how much you might know about the topic of factory farming.”
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