Family Dog Rescue

Kennel Attendent

May - August 2019 • San Francisco, CA

What I liked

Being around the dogs is nice, and there's a really great community between the kennel attendents

What I wish was different

Management was very uninvolved in the day to day of the kennels and decisions were made by them seemingly random and mostly nonsensical. Executive director was very petty and vindictive, and her preferred mode of communication with individual KA's was passive aggressive emails sent to the entire staff list. Myself and other KAs always felt on edge, more than I've ever felt in a work environment. The dogs are not well taken care of, disabled and senior dogs were often not given their needed medical treatment. The shelter was constantly overcrowded, which is particularly silly because we picked the dogs we got, they weren't just sent to us. Due mainly to the reasons above, there was an INSANE employee turnover. In the 3.5 months I worked there, I had 4 different direct managers, and by the time I left I was one of the most senior KAs out of a staff of 10-20 people. Very few people worked there for three months, and everybody was considering quitting all the time


Just don't work here
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