Software Engineer Intern

January 2023 • San Francisco, CA

What I liked

I like how I received thoughtful feedback from code reviews, had most of my work put into production, and also had the opportunity for some exploratory projects, all of which let me learn a great deal. As someone specializing in computer graphics, I was able to work on: parametric instancing, camera controls, visual testing, ray casting optimization using acceleration structures and signed distance functions, GPU picking with custom GLSL shaders, 3D rendering quality, stencil testing, object selection/interaction performance, and general frontend React development. I also like the team and company culture. Everyone is super friendly and encouraging as well as experts in their work areas so you’re able to learn a lot.

What I wish was different

It can often feel like there’s too many high priority things to work on. Even though the team makes good progress on everything, it can be stressful if you don't pace yourself. (On the other hand, it can also be very gratifying when you're able to address some pressing issues for people.)


It’s important to communicate, especially since it’s a remote position. I’ve gotten unblocked and solved issues earlier than expected by doing this. There’s opportunities to get involved in many different features, so don’t be afraid to explore whatever projects or work areas that are interesting to you.
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