Fondriest Environmental, Inc.

About Fondriest Environmental, Inc.

Fondriest Environmental, Inc. is a leading distributor and integrator of equipment for natural resource professionals and outdoor enthusiasts. Our team of specialists can help customers understand the products they are buying and make the correct decisions out in the field. We seek to understand project needs, devise a comprehensive solution, provide the equipment and know-how to implement it, and then offer long-term project support for whatever needs arise.

Additionally, Fondriest Environmental develops, manufactures, sells and services environmental monitoring products and systems. These products include water quality, weather and air quality sensors, sonar and underwater imaging equipment and wireless communication and software products.

Fondriest Environmental is a company driven by professionalism, passion and integrity


Engineering intern

February 2018 Fairborn, OH
“It is a very small company and everyone knows everyone and it is a nice there isn't really any body who thinks they are better than others for example everyday in the morning my managers and I met with the owner of the company to talk about what is going on and what is on the schedule for the day. ”
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