Foray Design

About Foray Design

We are a Brooklyn-based startup working on bringing our revolutionary rolling walker to market.
To learn more about Foray Design, check out our website and our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

We are bringing freedom and confidence to people with mobility problems.

We design, make, and sell beautiful tools for people with physical limitations. Our patented rolling walker, Spring,
will come to market in December 2019.


Summer Intern

May 2018 - September 2018 Brooklyn Heights, NY
“Foray is an amazing place to work at! Working in a collegiate, informal environment like Foray allowed me to grow and learn very quickly. Since it is a small company, you are assigned a lot of responsibility and you are able to work alongside the founders and, in the process, you learn directly from them. Everyone's opinion matters here at Foray: my voice was heard on day 1 and I was able to tackle real world problems from the very beginning. I learn something new every day and our startup culture means that there are no two days that are ever the same.”

Marketing Intern

January 2019 - August 2019 Brooklyn Heights, NY
“Working for Foray has been my best job experience so far. From the beginning, I was given and trusted with more responsibility than I expected, which gave me an unmatchable experience. The startup environment allowed me to be a part of an actual product launch, and learn first hand how a business functions and how to work with a team. Even though I was just an intern, I was included in all kinds of conversations about product, marketing, and all the in betweens. Foray really is a team, and working here has given me a chance to meet and work with some amazing individuals who have helped me develop incredibly important problem-solving skills. I feel like I am now able to accomplish much more than I thought I would be able to before I worked at Foray, and I'm so grateful for my experience here in this company. The other great part about Foray is that the work you do actually has a positive impact on others. At the core of Foray is a goal to provide a solution for a group of people with a need that few companies have even thought of, let alone set out to figure out. Foray really is something special, and the experience you get working here is unparalleled.”
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