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About Forever Fit Physical Therapy & Wellness

Forever Fit Physical Therapy & Wellness in 2010 was founded with the belief that physical therapists, not doctors, hospital administrators or MBAs are best suited to decide the best way for physical therapists to serve patients and communities while running a profitable business. We have grown our business with this philosophy, empowering physical therapists to start specialty programs and OWN their own clinics. We are always seeking out therapists who share this philosophy and are dedicated to our mission of making physical therapy accessible, affordable and effective for our community.

If the below statements resonate with you, apply today!
I want to work in an environment constantly looking for new solutions to todays healthcare challenges.
I want to treat patients 1:1 with an emphasis on education and functional solutions.
I want my ideas and voice to be heard.
I would like a seat at the table to participate in business decisions that drive patient care.
I think I could own my own practice if it wasn't for the student loan debt


Physical Therapist Aide

May 2019 - August 2019 Steamboat Springs, CO
“Incredibly knowledgable and friendly coworkers”
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