Public Relations Intern

April 2020 • Chicago, IL

What I liked

Because the firm was small, I was able to work closely with the founders and all of the clients throughout the entire internship. The environment was friendly and welcoming which made me feel included into the tight-knit team of women. My bosses taught me new concepts and strategies while always making sure I was comfortable with the concepts. I truly enjoyed my experience at FORGE and I will always be grateful for the women who taught me everything I know about public relations.

What I wish was different

The internship was virtual because of COVID-19. I would've loved joining these women in person but, due to the circumstances, we all worked remotely. However, we all made the best of the situation and I was able to quickly adapt to the virtual work.


One piece of advice I would share is not to be afraid to take on new tasks. Because the firm is smaller, interns will have opportunities that aren't ready available for those at bigger firms. My bosses always made sure I understood how to improve my pitches, notes, activity reports, etc. so I could apply those corrections to future projects.
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