Fortney Hospitality Group, Inc

About Fortney Hospitality Group, Inc

A Midwest based company, experiencing rapid growth, currently operating 24 Bar & Grill's in 10 states. The La Crosse based Support center provides operational oversite for all locations in the areas of accounting, finance, marketing and personnel management .



September 2017 - March 2020 Iowa City, IA
“The best thing about this job is the people. I made a great deal of life-long friends and even more priceless memories. I met my girlfriend of three years here. Second to the relationships, for someone who is looking to avoid student loans, this job gives you the opportunity to prevent mortgaging your future. This job pays well. Lastly, working at Brothers gives you a work ethic that you will carry for the rest of your life. If you can work on the weekend like you do during the week, this job will galvanize your discipline and determination.”
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