Fox Webstores

About Fox Webstores

Fox Webstores has been making and selling products online to niche markets since 2003. We specialize in creating brands from scratch to meet the needs of specific audiences. Our brands span many different categories from kids' toys to air mattresses. Because we work on multiple brands at any one time, work is always interesting and full of learning. We also try to make things fun with our sizeable break room that features a 50 seat movie theater, 8 Xbox One consoles, a mini gym and 2 soon to be complete bowling lanes.


Video Production Intern

January 2013 - July 2019 Rigby, ID
“My boss was extremely generous and kind. The on-site amenities were unbelievably cool. We (the other interns and I) were granted a lot of autonomy in our work, and I appreciated that trust that the company had in us.”
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