GA-CCRi (General Atomics Commonwealth Computer Research, Inc.)

About GA-CCRi (General Atomics Commonwealth Computer Research, Inc.)

GA-CCRi is a Data Science & Software engineering company located in Charlottesville, Virginia. We provide custom software development and innovative awareness solutions to customers in government and private industry. Our customers look to us to solve their hardest problems, and we have a long history of exceeding their expectations. With projects ranging from optimizing the world's largest container port to predicting future asymmetric warfare events, GA-CCRi has no shortage of exciting projects. We apply numerous machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques a variety of data sets in order to answer key questions posed by our clients. We then implement these solutions into software systems with a strong focus on scalability, usability, and data visualization.

GA-CCRi offers an engaging and supportive environment. We're interested in continual learning and creative problem solving. Our superlative team includes Data Scientists, Systems Engineers, Mathematicians, Computer Scientists, Statisticians, and more, all of whom bring their diverse backgrounds to solve very difficult problems. Solving fun and challenging problems is in our DNA - we only take on interesting projects, and we love to learn. Our diverse team, naturally has a wide-ranging set of interests - in past winters our holiday gift experiment has produced a 3D printer, Vive, food smoker and kegerator for the homebrew crew. We have a number of bikers who enjoy the indoor storage, maintenance area and available shower. GA-CCRi provides a challenging and fun work environment, competitive pay, generous retirement, and a very flexible vacation policy.
Machine Learning, Geo-Spatial Analytics, Software Engineering, Predictive Analytics, Text Analysis, Simulation, Tracking, Optimization, Image Analysis, Video Analytics


Frontend Software Engineer

June 2020 - August 2021 Charlottesville, VA
“Very chill company culture, they allowed pets, dressing casually, anything as long as we contributed to our teams. They also had a lot of roles that a new grad could go into if they wanted as the company is expanding a lot especially now that they were acquired by General Atomics. The work was very interesting too although interns weren't cleared which limited the things that they could work on”
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