Gaskins + LeCraw

Land Surveying Field Technician

July 2019 • Marietta, GA

What I liked

I like how this company is growing everyday, but they make each employee feel included in their growth and not brushed under the rug. The people I work with are mostly around my age and it makes it easier to communicate and gain friendships. Their Marietta office is also really close to the Marietta campus which makes it a decent commute for me. I personally love working outside and watching something be built that I had a part in.

What I wish was different

I wish I had found this company earlier because I had worked with a smaller surveying company out of Kennesaw and I was not treated as well as I should have.


If you are a civil engineering major and looking to get your feet wet in the industry, I would highly recommend working in land surveying because you learn so much in such a short amount of time. I am convinced that engineers that have not surveyed before or have never been out in the field to see problems engineers run into firsthand, are not as knowledgeable as a land surveyor is. Also if hired by this company, there is opportunity to move up as I plan to move into the engineering department probably sometime after the first of the year.
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