Software Developer Intern

May - August 2018 • Cincinnati, OH

What I liked

Gaslight was an amazing company to intern with. I was very surprised to get an internship in software development after only a year and a half of coding, but I did, and I loved it! I worked on a team with three other interns, and we did paired programming, which made our learning and software production much faster. I also felt super comfortable asking anyone in the office for help, as everyone was excited to help their coworkers. Aside from the technical aspects, Gaslight has an amazing people culture, catered Friday lunches, a huge coffee bar, and is dog-friendly! It is such a relaxed environment which makes it very easy to stay focused and get work done.

What I wish was different

I didn't dislike anything about my internship at all, I just wish I had known about it sooner. I interviewed and was offered a position only about a month before my start date, which made it a little difficult to find an apartment and sort out my living situation, but that was the only inconvenience I had (and I still made it work). I know moving forward this year and in the future their internships will be finalized much earlier in the year to prevent this.


If you are going into the software development field, code. All the time. Practice on your own, go above and beyond in your school projects, use algorithm practice books, and ask questions when you need to. The most valuable thing I took away from my internship, is that confidence and ability comes with practice solving the most difficult problems. Use these internships to get used to the kinds of difficult problems you will run into in the workplace.
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