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Are there certain things I need to know about before interviewing for a sports reporter job at GateHouse Media/Wicked Local?

For the interview make sure to bring copies of any writing you have done in the past. Everyone who works there is very personable and so it’s important to maintain a similar demeanor. Be aware of the sports in your local area and most importantly be confident in your abilities. Reporters have to ...
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What tasks would I be doing on a daily basis as a sports reporter at GateHouse Media/Wicked Local ?

Typically I would go to the office for an hour so to meet up with my editor, or I would simply email or text him. I was in constant contact with my editor. I would receive 1-3 games to cover each week. I would go one hour before the games to speak with coaches and players and then I would stay 30...
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What's a day in the life of a High School Sports Reporter at GateHouse Media/Wicked Local like?

(As a precursor, I covered high school sports.)If it was a day I was covering a game, I would get there an hour before, talk with the coaches about how their team did in recent games and asked for any storylines to watch out for. Depending on the sport, I would ask for their starting lineup and w...
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