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Simply put, we’re success junkies. We’re hopelessly hooked on smashing the challenges others can’t and addicted to the excitement, pressure and competition that comes with it. Why? Because when our clients win, we win, too. And there’s no greater rush in business.We fundamentally do it differently. Anchored in research and footed by data, data and more data, our model ensures that information leads to insight and, ultimately, to work that connects with the feelings, needs, wants and behaviors of your target market.

Maybe that’s why the one thing our clients can’t get enough of is us.


Project Management Intern

May 2018 - August 2018 Pittsburgh, PA
“From day one, I was afforded the opportunity to do real life client work and experience. I was truly part of the team and was able to take initiative on projects and eventually take the role as lead project manager for some of our clients. I love the culture at Gatesman, everyone is so friendly and willing to help you. I also completed a unique internship project throughout the summer with the other interns. ”
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