Gaumard Scientific

User Guide Editor

June - July 2019 • Miami, FL

What I liked

I liked my coworkers and a work culture that allowed for casual conversations during break times. It made the place feel more personable and my coworkers feel like friends.

What I wish was different

I wish I had worked in a more hands-on department. Gaumard does some really cool and innovative stuff with simulators and I would have enjoyed working with my hands more instead of sitting at a computer for eight hours a day. This job confirmed my dislike of desk jobs/intellectual labor.


Find the positive in any situation. While I did not get to work in the department I wanted to or even do the day-to-day tasks I enjoyed, I tried to find the positive in the position/opportunity. This included: making the most of my coffee breaks with coworkers, preparing lunches I could look forward to, accepting any and all opportunities to work hands on and taking small breaks where I could step away from my computer to stretch or go outside.
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