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Unison Industries plans to invest nearly $30 million to upgrade and improve its product manufacturing and research and development operations in Norwich, Chenango County, NY.


EID Intern

January 2022 - May 2022 Beavercreek, OH
“During my rotation, some of the things I liked the most were my co-workers, my responsibilities, and the location. Because I worked at a manufacturing site as an EHS intern, I met all sorts of different people, from salaried office workers to operators on the floor. This mixture of people provided me with the opportunity to develop my communication skills. I liked the responsibilities I was assigned because there was a variety of projects to work on and each one focused on a different part of the role. I liked the location because I was able to complete my rotation while still living on campus. It was convenient to be able to co-op during the year, yet not have to miss being involved in student orgs. Edit Aug. 4, 2023: 2nd rotation at GE in Lynn, MA: During this second rotation, I worked in the New Product Integration (NPI) department with a focus on inventory and standard work. I mainly processed through retired hardware to see what was salvageable for other development and production programs within the company, as well as streamlining the day to day tasks of the team using standard work. I enjoyed seeing a different side of the business that involved a variety of different skills, especially tactical planning and execution. I also really enjoyed the bigger size of the location because I was able to network with other intern much more than at my previous site. ”

GE Aviation Supply Chain Co-op

September 2022 - December 2022 Dayton, OH
“Similar to UD the GE Aviation Culture is something that is very special. It is very clear that even as an intern GE values you and supports the learning process. It is made sure you have a support network and GE provides many opportunities for personal growth. You feel empowered to show up to work your best every day and work on a team that is making a difference.”
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