About GeekSI

GeekSI is passionately dedicated to the success of our clients in accomplishing their mission. Our clients span multiple business domains such as business intelligence in healthcare, financial loan processing, and web enabled regulation rules-based claims benefits processing. We’ve built sophisticated web applications with over 20,000 users; data warehouses and data visualizations; data integration both internal and external to organizations. We have worked with CEOs and end users.

Our Geeks are innovators, constantly evaluating methodologies and technologies to assess their efficacy to our clients. We are known for having the best technical resources, with strong integrity, vision and communication.

Our Geeks are agile. To improve software, it needs to be great to begin with; creating a foundation for improvement when change is needed in the future. We deliver software that lasts; having the least number of defects but balancing architectural features where new requirements are easily factored in instead of overhauling entire components. We do not create temporary structures to be torn down and replaced later. Instead, we create building blocks to escalate our customers to the operational level they desire. At GeekSI, we breathe what our customers need, and understand their pain. With our customers, we balance quantity, speed, and quality with cost. We want to provide the best business value to our customers and do so by building trust through our integrity and hard work.

Geeks develop software. We do it brilliantly.

Software development is what we do, and according to our customers, we do it very well. We know software is just the means to the end, but truly understanding what our customers need and desire is why our past performance criteria are rated either ‘Outstanding’ or ‘Very Good’ across the board. We try to place ourselves in our customers ‘shoes’, whether it’s the COR, Stakeholder, SME, or End-User. GeekSI knows what it takes to transform thoughts or ideas into usable, quality, secured, production deployed code. We build what you need and want, and sometimes, when we really get it right, what you envision but may not have been able to clearly articulate.

Core Competencies:
Agile System Development
Operations and Maintenance
AI Development with VR
Enterprise Integration and Interoperability
Big Data and Business Intelligence
Project Management
Enterprise Architecture
Risk Management
Information Assurance


Tech intern

May 2017 Tallahassee, FL
“Flexible, home-like environment that grew my interest in several fields including ones that I didn’t expect initially.”
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