Does GEICO have a good company culture?

GEICO had an extremely positive culture. There were several opportunities for growth and from my first day, the trainers and coaches consistently encouraged me and educated me about how to succeed within the company. There were company holiday luncheons, summer BBQ’s, overtime incentives, games, ...
Company Culture GEICO
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How supporting is GEICO's upper management?

As an intern, you will receive both a mentor in the EL/MDP program, as well as a mentor in management. In addition to this, there is time built in to the program to meet with each member of upper management in a group setting. Included with these scheduled times is the opportunity to present bu...
Relationship with Upper Management Insurance GEICO
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Any pointers for my producer interview at GEICO?

Make sure to highlight sales experience and customer service experience. Especially knowing how to read from the script and handling objections.
Sales Insurance GEICO
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Is GEICO good at providing its employees work-life balance?

There’s a great work-life balance at GEICO, you’ll typically work four 10 hour shifts a week and you don’t have to take your work home with you, no emails after hours and there’s usually plenty of opportunity for overtime if you desire it.
Work-Life Balance GEICO
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Can anyone here speak about their experiences as a Claims Investigator at GEICO? Also, what's the best way to prep for that interview?

GEICO has a rigorous interview process that takes several weeks. They ask you to take a personality test and take a rather large hair sample for drug testing. They also conduct a thorough background check before scheduling the final interview. Once hired you will be part of a team that goes throu...
Interview Insurance GEICO
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What do I need to do to succeed during GEICO's Management Development Program (MDP)?

I participated in the MDP, Claims Representative track. You will need a lot of optimism, resilience, humility, and tenacity to be successful. As far as hard skills go, you won’t have to bring any with you. They will train you on how they want you to do things. The most important thing you can bri...
Training Skillset Insurance GEICO
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Is GEICO is a good place to start a sales career? Do they set their employees up for success?

It's outstanding. The training is incredible. They have sales down to a science. Other insurance companies actually try to poach Geico agents. Once you've been trained and have some experience at Geico, not only is it looked upon highly in your resume, but you'll have excellent conversational and...
Sales Career Progression Insurance GEICO
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How much does a supervisor at GEICO make, approximately?

Geico pays very poorly for how stressful the supervisor job is. ~65k/year with no overtime pay
Compensation Sales Insurance GEICO
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How do sales agents and managers at GEICO help accelerate the company's mission?

Customer Service and Work Ethics above all is the mantra of GEICO. Managers are required to work their way up the ladder, learning how to balance efficiency with time, anticipating customer's need, and provide a comprehensive solution. GEICO operates a fine margin between revenue and cost. In my...
Sales Company Mission Insurance GEICO
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What does the career progression within GEICO's sales department look like?

GEICO promotes from within and means it. One starts as a call agent from sales or service, or gets a fast-track path through its leadership development program while being mentored by a local senior manager. I went through the development program personally. I received ample support and training ...
Sales Career Progression Insurance GEICO
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What is a day in the life of a producer at GEICO like?

The first couple of months as a P&C producer candidate are intense. First, you have a 3-4 weeks of INTENSIVE insurance licensure testing you have to complete in order to get your P&C license. If you pass and receive it, you move to the next phase in sales training which is also intense. They put ...
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What does a claims service representative at GEICO do?

When I was there back in 2014 the day in the life of a Claims service rep was like a typical day in a high volume call center: high pressure, busy and stressful. Supervisors were hard to find and the call center management at the time didn't seem to have a good understanding of call center operat...
Customer Service Insurance GEICO
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What does a GEICO performance monitoring analyst do?

In this position (PMT), I was responsible for listening to phone calls and evaluating the agent’s performance based on their customer interaction and call quality. I was able to communicate with agent supervisor’s and offer feedback to help them coach their agents to improve their personal perfo...
Customer Service GEICO
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