Genomic Expression

About Genomic Expression

RNA Platform For Next Generation Cures. By analyzing RNA we can detect disease, monitor health and design next-generation cures.

Only 1 out of 4 cancer treatments prolong life while we are spending $100 Billion on drugs and 8 million patients die every year because we treat them the same way. We aim to make cancer a chronic disease by disrupting the current static standard of care with a dynamic truly individualized treatments model.

We AI enable healthcare because we detect ALL mRNAs and can adapt to any disease with an update to the backend AI and disease marker database.

Our OneRNA® platform enables a paradigm shift from ONE disease, ONE marker, and ONE drug to ONE patient, MANY markers, and MULTIPLE treatment options that go beyond drugs. This is truly individualized medicine, by identifying a handful of actionable markers in all patient samples and a liquid biopsy platform for monitoring response and progression.

OneRNA® enables the design of mRNA vaccines as well as the design of sophisticated combinatorial clinical studies (one drug won’t cure cancer but 2 or 3 combo’s could).


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June 2018 Beverly, MA
“Employees are awesome. Good experience and learning.”
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