About Georgina's

Georgina's is an authentic asian and latin taqueria with a locations in Traverse City and Grand Rapids at 724 Wealthy St SE. We are seeking high energy, guest-focused, team players who possess engaging attitudes, strong character and take pride in creating outstanding guest experiences.

Chef Anthony was born in Bluefields, Nicaragua. His father is Cuban and his mother half Chinese. At the age of seven, Anthony was adopted by his American father and was raised in Tampa, Florida.

Chef Anthony - “Georgina’s is named after my cousin Georgina Alvarez, the person who saved my life when I was young, who gave me hope, who believed in me and prayed for me. This is my thanks. Georgina’s is a gathering of all my family through food and their spirit. As my family's culture ranges from Cuban to Chinese and all those in between, I give to you my life and family experience through food.”

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April 2017 - August 2019 Traverse City, MI
“I enjoyed working with coworkers that I have worked with in the past and new coworkers to ensure the comfort and enjoyment of all customers. It was fun to be able to interact and talk with people from all backgrounds and ages.”
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