Ginamarie Products

Marketing Intern

June 2018 • Iowa City, IA

What I liked

I really enjoyed the freedom that online marketing and remotely working gave me. I enjoyed learning different marketing techniques and psychology when it comes to promoting products, and I really enjoyed the company and the quality the produce. I also enjoyed the organization that the company had when it comes to instructions, monthly assignments, incentives, and much more. It make it really easy to work for them!

What I wish was different

I wish I would have know more about the company before I began writing about them, so hat I could give a more full report on their products and services in my first months of work.


Working remotely has a lot of unforeseen responsibilities and you really need to have a good handle on your time and time management skills to make sure you are both putting in enough work and producing the best quality work that you possibly can on a flexible schedule.
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