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About Go Sustainable Energy

Go Sustainable Energy promotes sustainable material and energy use. Ideally, closed material loops would be powered by renewable energy through ultra energy-efficient processes. We assist companies in making economical, sustainable first steps toward this vision.

Go Sustainable Energy engineers are energy efficiency experts, and work with clients to identify the energy, material and cost savings opportunities. We are located in Columbus, OH, and we serve the Midwest and surrounding areas.


engineering co-op

August 2023 Dayton, OH
“I did not have a single bad experience with anyone working at Go. Everyone was so kind and happy to help if I asked. I loved how we had a break time in the afternoon to go to the break room or go on walks downtown. I liked all of the work I did with my different coworkers and all the experience I gained with utilities. I learned a lot about policy and energy efficiency during my time here. I appreciated the fact that although there were two different work sites, one downtown and another in Columbus, I felt like I equally collaborated and got to know the people in each office. I loved the days we'd walk to get food together for lunch. This experience really helped me realize I like the benefits of a smaller company and not feeling like a cog in a machine. This was the best place I could've had my first internship, though it certainly raised the bar for what I expect at different companies.”
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