Golden Triangle Construction, Inc.

Assistant Superintendent

May - August 2019 • Platteville, CO

What I liked

GTC offered an amazing experience, allowing any intern to take on as much as they were willing and capable to do. They allowed me to run the interior scope on my project from start to finish, and offered positive feedback along the way.

What I wish was different

GTC did not do a great job following up with their interns. I knew that I was welcome back but they wanted to make a full time offer. I was open to this and expressed this, but despite multiple emloyees expressing that they wanted me back, I have yet to see an offer or hear back from them.


My advice for any younger intern is to take an opportunity at a smaller firm such as GTC. They are more likely to be personable and tailor the internship to you, allowing you to get the most experience out of it as possible.
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