Goodr, Inc.

Non- Profit research intern

June - August 2019 • Atlanta, GA

What I liked

The environment (Office and people). I love the values of GOODR and what we stand for. I was able to contact different non profits across the US, from different backgrounds so GOODR could come and bring food to feed the people they were serving. Also, I participated in a luncheon where different non profits organizations shared what they currently do and what they want to implement to help even more people. It was so touching and inspiring.

What I wish was different

Initially when starting the role I thought I was going to be more involved in the sustainability component of the company (got me interested in GOODR from the beginning). I did mostly non profit research and work. I still learnt a lot from Excel Charts and non profit necessities to sustainable ways to help people help people.


Open your mind to all the possibilities we can create to help the most people while reducing our ecological footprint impact in our building and community.
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