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About GoPeer, Inc.

GoPeer recently closed a $2M seed round led by Ed Baker, former VP of Product and Growth at Uber, and prior to that, Head of International Growth at Facebook.

We are currently hiring for various full-time positions, ranging from software engineers to curriculum development managers. Please see more here:

We're looking for creative and ambitious people to join our team! We'd love to talk with you.


GoPeer is also backed by Deborah Quazzo (Managing Partner at San Francisco-based GSV Ventures). Deborah serves as a member of The Board of Dean’s Advisors at the following organizations:

• Harvard Business School
• The Khan Academy Thought Leadership Council
• Princeton University
• The Strada Institute for the Future of Work Advisory Committee


Over 40,000 families trust GoPeer to provide high-quality education to their students.

Over 10,000 college students from top-tier universities have joined the GoPeer Educational Team.

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April 2022 New York City, NY
“I loved the flexibility and ease of scheduling ”

GoPeer Online Peer Tutor

October 2020 Moraga, CA
“I really like GoPeer's user interface. They have a great online classroom for the student and tutor to use. The dashboard screen is also very easy to maneuver. In my experience, their support team has been great and very responsive! GoPeer also allows your schedule to be flexible which is great for me as a college student.”
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