GPM Investments


May - June 2020 • Red Oak, OK

What I liked

The team I worked with and my manager. He was very understanding on the days I wasn't able to work and was lovely to work with when he was on the clock. He helped me learn.

What I wish was different

I was not allowed to sit. I went home in pain for a month because of the 8 hour shifts. Upper management would not allow us to sit on shift, even during slow periods where there were no customers and things were stocked and clean. While there were issues in the past, it still made for a bit of a miserable experience on my end. The training could also have been more thorough. I think this was just because I had only a day while others normally had two because of the virus and things lining up badly, but it still is worth noting.


Do not take on a job without knowing what to expect. Make sure you ASK questions! It's so important to know things instead of taking a blind attempt at something you're not sure of.
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