Graham Architectural Products

Window Factory Line Worker

May - August 2019 • York, PA

What I liked

I loved experiencing what it is like to work in a factory. For many people, this is their life. 7 AM-3:30 PM, 5 or 6 days a week in a hot, dirty factory. I was offered a position in the office but decided that I wanted to work in the factory because it is something that I (hopefully) will never have to do again. It truly opened my eyes to the ample opportunities I am blessed with. It motivated me to excel in all of my classes because it made me truly realize how rough some people have it and I never want to experience that first hand. I also used this as an opportunity to practice my Spanish speaking skills because many of my coworkers only spoke Spanish. Instead of turning me away because I was from a completely different background from them they accepted me and treated me no differently than any other employee. By helping me with my Spanish, they contributed to my success in the classroom because I am taking Spanish right now.

What I wish was different

In all honesty, there is not much that I would wish to change from this experience. I am very glad I did it, but at the same time realized that I never want to do it again.


If working in a factory, wear all the suggested safety gear. In that environment, anything can happen at any moment and it can seriously hurt you and those around you. When doing a seemingly simple task, I forgot to wear my gloves and ended up slicing my thumb open and still have a scar from it today. This affected those around me because they had to help stop the bleeding and ultimately hurt our production numbers for the day.
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