Representation and Development Intern

January - May 2020 • Los Angeles, CA

What I liked

All the staff were very supportive in helping us to understand the Film and TV industry. They were very hands on with us and gave us many opportunities to prove ourselves and grow. The assistants and our supervisor were also especially helpful in guiding us step by step on how to be the best versions of ourselves. The literary manager who was in charge of our internship program put in a lot of thought into our experience and created many opportunities to mingle and learn from experienced staff in the company. The company is also nice because they kept us very fed and happy which was a huge plus (the company frequently celebrated birthdays so there was a lot of cake too).

What I wish was different

Nothing really, it was a stellar experience and I'd highly recommend that if a position opens up in the future, that people apply to work at Grandview/ Automatik. It was a great experience for me.


Just be confident and be yourself. Everyone at Grandview/Automatik wants to see you succeed and they are very understanding if you make mistakes. In a time when many Hollywood talent agencies seem to be really high pressure and cut throat, Grandview/Automatik stands out as being very supportive in building a strong community that helps everyone in the company to grow. So take the opportunities they give you in stride and do your best!
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