Great Power Finance LLC

Finance Intern

May - August 2017 • Dallas, TX

What I liked

I love the intellectually challenging opportunities given to me as an intern. They really expected you to work at the same level as the regular full-time analysts. At times, my supervisor even forgot that I was an intern. That was the reason I chose a smaller company to intern with, to begin with, instead of a huge corporation. And I'm glad I chose Great Power. GP also excels at mentoring and developing their interns. Two of my peers went on to work at Goldman Sachs after the internship, and they said the quantitative skills gained at GP put them at the top of the incoming class. If you know anything about Investment Banking, it's not an easy field to be a quant superstar in. I can honestly say that after my internship, I do financial modeling for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

What I wish was different

I am a people person, so I love interacting with others. My intern class had 3 people, and they are amazing. We still remain friends until today. However, at times, I wish the class were bigger so I can get to know more people. I knew this coming in, and so I was ok with it. Great Power made up for that by organizing many great networking opportunities for us in the DFW metro area. I met tons of great mentors that later led to my full-time job down the road.


I would say: come in with an open mind. Don't limit yourself to your title. This is a very rigorous and flexible start-up. I often did projects in Marketing, Legal, and Sales - totally unrelated to Finance, but that's when I learned a ton! Be open-minded and take every task as a learning opportunity. You'll be glad you did.
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