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About Great River Learning

Great River Learning's (GRL) mission is to publish highly engaging and interactive educational products for students; and provide individualized solutions for educators.


Since 2005, GRL has challenged the status quo of traditional textbook publishing. Our publications:

More effectively engage students and establish more relevancy.
Integrate multi-media as a primary design utility.
Provide our partners and adopters with superior support.

Most textbooks contain suitable content, but we know many students only open their textbooks when they’re preparing (or cramming) for a quiz or test. The traditional, print-focused, one-size-fits-all textbook approach is antiquated and unnecessary. Technology and multi-media can be powerful components that enhance or enrich students’ educational content. Most publishers, however, continue to attach loosly tied and mediocre websites to encyclopedic textbooks. The result is an unreasonably expensive product that is too bulky to cover within a standard academic term. In addition, many educators need to supplement their textbook with more contemporary or relevant examples.

Today’s students have grown-up with technology and multi-media. They’re used to using their smart phones and other devices to access information and communicate. Instead of fighting this reality, GRL chooses to take advantage and integrate these types of technologies.


Web Editing Intern

May 2023 Dubuque, IA
“Very relaxing, laid-back atmosphere that was focused on learning. Everyone was very understanding about teaching the ropes to a new comer since there's a lot to do.”

Associate Web Project Editor

May 2019 Dubuque, IA
“I liked the connections I made with my fellow colleagues. Furthermore, I enjoyed learning about coding and the source side of online publications.”
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