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About Greater Goods, LLC

Greater Goods is building a brand as a living, breathing universe, whether its through our Consumer Goods focused team or our Healthcare team organized around Me.Health. Greater Goods is a group of critical thinking, highly analytic, wildly creative folks. Our mission at Greater Goods is to build an active, enthusiastic community that is engaged with our brand and each other through the implementation of products made, technology developed, and content created. Most of our team works out of the historic Station G building in The Grove neighborhood of St. Louis—a multi-year renovation that culminated in an open, modern workspace reflecting the company’s ethos. This summer, we hope to fill the office with more people inspired by the ambitious goals we are committed to accomplishing, so if you think that you would be a great fit in this environment, have something to add to the table, and would benefit from the experience of a summer internship in such a setting, we can’t wait to hear from you.


Design and Marketing

June 2021 - August 2021 St. Louis, MO
“The people i met there were amazing, I Had a very welcoming team who were very much willing to teach me.”
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