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About Growing HVAC

Growing HVAC is the only Recruiting Firm run by past HVAC Techs, Salespeople, and Business Leaders. In addition to recruiting we offer sales training, organizational consulting, and sales strategy consulting.


Talent Acquisition Associate

June 2023 Fort Collins, CO
“I moved from being the company’s Marketing/Research Intern to bring a Talent Acquisition Associate. I had plans to move to Chicago after graduating so when Michael offered me a full-time remote job with him, I jumped on it. I love working for this company mostly due to the great culture. It’s a supportive environment that promotes growth and development. I enjoy getting to talk to so many people across the country and have developed my sales skills immensely. There are high expectations in this role, but all learning tools and resources are provided by the owner. ”

Marketing Intern

January 2023 - June 2023 Fort Collins, CO
“Michael Johnson is the best employer I’ve worked under. He is a teacher and a learner. He offered his in depth sales knowledge and understanding of the industry to excel my professional skills. He is always transparent and open about his expectations, but makes it an open conversation. As I mentioned, he’s a learner too and values team contribution. I was able to build a portfolio out of the work we did together, I have developed my professional knowledge and skills immensely through this role.”
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