Growing Together Community Gardens

About Growing Together Community Gardens

Who We Are:
GTCG is a non-profit, sustainable (sub)urban farm dedicated to providing affordable, nutrient dense food to the local community. We accomplish this by providing opportunities for local community members to become more involved in how and what they eat.
At our core we are dedicated to the support and empowerment of local communities. We see the development and support of local community as a fundamental component necessary to human health and well-being. We have made certain assumptions that underlie our overall strategic approach. First, from holistic standpoint, stable communities are systems that depend on subsystems that provide functions such as: energy, housing/commercial structures, built environment, food, transportation, commerce, education/scientific research, physical/mental health care, artistic expression and spiritual discovery. Second, experience has shown that the main force behind the advancement of the above functions can be harnessed more effectively through the intentional creation of conditions that foster that one resource that seems to be truly unlimited: human ingenuity and capacity for innovation.

What We Do:
Currently, we are beginning with a pilot program that will provide the experience and knowledge base for scaling the production model as an open source technology made available to other communities. We built and operate a 450 square foot greenhouse located in Bay Shore. The greenhouse is powered with solar energy and biological compost heat. Our crops are focused on nutritional and medicinal value. Crops are sold to local community members (direct marketing) and to local juice bars (retail). Revenue from sales goes back into the greenhouse for supplies (seeds, soil, etc) and eventually into salaries for full-part time staff. Whatever profits are generated, will go into investments such as greenhouse improvements, supplies for building more greenhouses in other local communities and to fund training programs for greenhouse construction/operation.


Garden Intern

May 2020 - August 2020 Fargo, ND
“I loved being outdoors and learning about gardening and feeding my community ”
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