Gull Lake Country Club

About Gull Lake Country Club

Situated on the lakefront of spectacular Gull Lake, just minutes from Richland rests Gull Lake Country Club. Tucked away from the hustle of the city, this is a place for members, families and guests to relax and enjoy a bit of serenity.
Whether your pleasure is golf, tennis or relaxing during dinner as sailboats glide across the water, our excellent staff is always prepared to assist with your needs.
As a Member, you too, can pamper yourself and enjoy a vast array of amenities like no other. This alone is what separates Gull Lake Country Club from the rest and makes us most unique.


Sailing Instructor

January 2015 Richland, MI
“I love teaching students of all ages the fun to be had in the sport of sailing. Paid or unpaid I love my job, and I'd do anything to see a smile or enjoyment on one's face.”
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