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Interventional Psychiatry and digestive health clinic


TMS Technician

February 2024 - May 2024 Oakland, CA
“As a premedical student at Berkeley who had never had patient care experience prior to this job, I had an amazing time working as a TMS technician for Gut Feelings! The amount of knowledge I gained in topics from how to use an EMR system to taking vital signs to conducting proper bedside manner is immeasurable. The patients are all extremely kind and wonderful to work with, and the doctor is one of the most influential mentors I have had throughout my medical career so far. I highly recommend any pre-health students looking for experience to apply here!”

TMS Technician

January 2024 - April 2024 Oakland, CA
“I loved my time as a TMS Technician at Gut Feelings! The job was really fun and interesting. The patients were all so kind and I felt like I was making a difference with the TMS treatments. As someone planning to go into the healthcare field, this job has made me feel more comfortable in clinical settings and I have received really useful training/mentorship. The work schedule is flexible and the environment is super welcoming. I highly recommend this position to those interested. ”
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