Hamilton Farm Golf Club


August 2016 • Gladstone, NJ

What I liked

I love the people I work with, the operation and standards we hold ourselves to to be one of the top clubs in the state. The members are always so kind and truly understand we are people and are awesome when it comes to patience and conversing with us.

What I wish was different

I wish I didn't have to pay for meals, but they do provide the staff with a meal now and then


Great job for people within the age range of 17+, was something that really taught me a lot of values of being a person on a team and I am much more sociable and better at talking with people than I was before I was working there. It is a lot of hard work. When you start you will be in the golf department and it is non stop, but there's an aspect of discipline that carried with me throughout the years because so many people count on you to do your job and you all learn how to appreciate each other
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