Hancock Whitney

About Hancock Whitney

How we were born

In the late 1800s, the Gulf Coast and two new banks were booming. South Mississippians looked to Hancock Bank to help manage prosperity created by agriculture, seafood, timber and tourism. Sixty miles to the west, New Orleans and Whitney Bank thrived in the wake of the World Cotton Expo.

For more than 100 years, Hancock and Whitney grew with and because of the people and places of the Gulf South. As the banks expanded into new towns and cities, they quickly became trusted, reliable business and community partners. Many smaller regional banks became part of Hancock and Whitney over the years.

Hancock and Whitney came together in 2011; but that merger simply brought historical and community connections between the two banks full-circle—the consummation of a relationship which started 100 years earlier.

The two banks were neighbors, sharing similar history, geography and values. Early Hancock and Whitney leaders were business and social contemporaries. The first business transaction between the two banks occurred in 1918, when Hancock sold the Bank of Orleans to Whitney.

In the 1930s, Hancock and Whitney pledged mutual support between their banks, vowing to help each other in times of need and never allow either organization to suffer the fate of hundreds of other banks which closed during the Depression, leaving depositors in despair.

Who we are

Today, history and commitment are still at the heart of who we are. Common experience and ideals connect us to local people and communities. We help individuals, families and businesses protect and grow the financial future they deserve and quality of life we all cherish.

As Hancock Whitney Bank and under the Hancock Whitney brand, we offer contemporary banking options secured by solid ideals, pride in where we live and confidence in how far we can go together.

Like our founders, we believe in building a company that never knows completion—an organization that keeps getting better. Across this special region we call home, our heritage unites us, our communities inspire us and Our Mission, Our Purpose, Our Promise to associates and Our Core Values guide us as we move forward.

Our Mission.
Each day, we reaffirm our mission to help people achieve their financial goals and dreams.

Our Purpose.
We work hard to create opportunities for people and the communities we serve—our purpose for doing what we do.

Our Promise to Associates.
We honor and respect associates with a heartfelt promise: You can grow. You have a voice. You are important.

Our Core Values.
Five timeless core values keep us strong, help us grow and define the way we do business: Honor & Integrity; Strength & Stability; Commitment to Service; Teamwork; Personal Responsibility


Intern Loss Prevention Unit

May 2022 - August 2022 New Orleans, LA
“The work was very interesting. Catching and preventing fraud was a lot of fun. There was also a mentorship and the mentor is someone in a different department. ”

Corporate Financial Analyst

May 2022 - August 2022 New Orleans, LA
“The work/life balance was really good and the mentorship experience was really helpful during my time at the job. ”
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