Hardin-Simmons University - Admissions

Assistant to the Undergaduate Admissions Coordinator

May 2018 • Abilene, TX

What I liked

I loved having a summer job on campus, as well as working in the Welcome Center for Admissions! The people are so caring and welcoming, the job itself was productive and enjoyable, and having some summer cash was pretty great! Also, since my job was on-campus, I got a discount on housing in the apartments, and I was able to easily take classes at my university as well.

What I wish was different

The only changes I would've made personally would be the ability get paid above minimum wage and be able to work later in the evening. With taking class and observing at the hospital, there is so much to do in the day, and it was somewhat stressful having to cram everything into the morning/afternoon. Overall though, I loved my experience.


Summer jobs, specifically on-campus ones, are a great way to stay busy and connected with the people around you, as well as make some extra cash which you could put towards school or any needs/wants in your life. Take advantage of the benefits of a summer job and make your summer a good one.
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