Harry Meyering Center, Inc.

About Harry Meyering Center, Inc.

Harry Meyering Center, Inc. (HMC) is a non-profit organization serving individuals with disabilities. We provide support through three programs; Intermediate Care Facility (ICF), Supportive Living Service (SLS) and InHome Supports (IHS). Our ICF includes five apartments and two offsite homes serving a total of 39 individuals which are staffed 24 hours a day. Our SLS is a group home setting in which we have 17 homes in Mankato, 3 homes in North Mankato, and 3 homes in Eagle Lake. Each of these homes houses three or four individuals that are staffed 24 hours a day. Our IHS program serves individuals that live independently or with a roommate in various apartment complexes around Mankato. These individuals receive a few hours of service a week, whether it be to get to medical appointments, grocery shopping, or balancing their checkbook.


Direct Support Professional

February 2020 Mankato, MN
“I loved the people that I worked with and supported this summer. Working in a healthcare role for the first time ever has been such a rewarding job! ”

Direct Support Professional

August 2018 Mankato, MN
“Caring for the individuals”
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