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Hartford Hospital (“the Hospital”) is a not-for-profit acute care hospital that was founded in 1854 and is located in the South End of Harford, CT. It is an 867- bed academic hospital that treats approximately 39,000 inpatients in need of Hospitalist Services and 176,000 ambulatory patients annually. It is a member if Hartford Healthcare Corporation (“HHC”), which is a large diversified health care system in Connecticut. The Hospital was formed in 1854 after the State of Connecticut granted a charter for the formation of Hartford Hospital. Hartford Hospital is one of the largest teaching hospitals and major tertiary care centers in New England, with perhaps the region’s busiest surgery practice. It has been training physicians for over 160 years, and it is the major teaching hospital affiliated with the University of Connecticut Medical School. The Hospital is state-designated as a Level I Trauma Center, able to care for the most critically injured of patients, and it is the only Level I Trauma Center in the region with Connecticut’s only air ambulance system, LIFE STAR.


Patient Care Associate

May 2018 Hartford, CT
“Every time I go into work, I am gaining experience that I will need in my career interest. ”

Patient Care Associate

April 2019 Hartford, CT
“I liked the medical exposure I received while working on the surgical floor of a hospital. I got to see so many cases and it definitely helped me to see the hierarchy of the healthcare system, everywhere from the volunteers, to Chaplins, to administrators, to Human Resources, to secretaries, to nurses, PA's, and doctors. I also loved being able to go to work everyday to help others and make a difference in their lives. Finally, I loved the flexibility. While I had to work one, set 8 shift per week, I was able to take a vacation, but at the same time, work 50-60 hours per week during weeks where I had a lot of free time. Being able to work upwards of a 40 hour per week cap as in a traditional job or internship was definitely a plus.”
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