Hathaway Construction Services, Inc.

Finance intern

June - July 2021 • Atlanta, GA

What I liked

I liked learning how the owner used vertical integration to make money at every interval of the business. He owned lynx capital, the fund used to raise capital, Hathaway development, the development team that found the property and deals to build for other owners, Hathaway construction, the contractor, and multiple of the subcontractors. He was able to make a percent off each other these businesses at every phase of the project. I liked the freedom I had to learn from different individuals within the office.

What I wish was different

I wish that I would have been able to stay with the development side slightly more to see how the value the land and do market research around the area to determine how many units and what the rent should be. I wish I could have sat in on a deal being made.


You get out of an internship what you put into it. Push yourself to make connections and ask questions about what interests you. Talk with someone farther down the path on how they got to their position and what they like/dislike or what they wish they’d done better. Build connections for future opportunities.
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