About HubSearch

HubSearch is a recruiting organization devoted to HubSpot Solution Partners and their customers. Make hiring your superpower!

Founded by a former HubSpot recruiter and the only recruiting organization in the HubSpot Partner network, we have a simple mission: Be the go-to recruiting & hiring resource for companies in the HubSpot ecosystem while guiding incredibly talented people toward their dream jobs.

We become a company's recruiting team and deliver the type of deep value you'd expect from an in-house talent acquisition team. Nothing against staffing agencies...but that's not what we do. We embed ourselves into your business and empower you to quickly hire, and retain, exceptional people.


Content Creation Intern

June 2020 - August 2020 Avon Lake, OH
“The team at HubSearch was so trusting of my ideas and allowed me to experiment with different marketing techniques because they understood I was still learning some things. They let me have total creative freedom and were so collaborative and open to ideas. ”
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