Humboldt State University Center

About Humboldt State University Center

The purpose of the Humboldt State University Center, Board of Directors is to provide students of Humboldt State University with services, conveniences, and amenities requisite to the daily life of the campus. These services, conveniences, and amenities will also be provided to the campus consisting of faculty, administrators, staff and alumni, guests of the student body or campus community, as well as the general public, as long as such provisions will result in direct or indirect benefits to the students of Humboldt State University.

Opportunities to experience and grow in areas outside of the academic classroom are provided through organized recreational, cultural, and educational offerings; the bookstore, dining services, and other support operations and facilities.


Front Desk Receptionist

December 2018 Arcata, CA
“truly an amazing team of staff--always free food! ”
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