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Hurley provides a range of experience simply unavailable anywhere else in the region. Our world-class training and development helps our doctors, nurses, staff, and administrators continuously grow. Personally, there is literally no limit to the fulfillment only a career in healthcare can offer — especially in a hospital that sees more than a 100,000 patients each year. Quite simply...we educate and employ the best of the best.


Medical Coder

October 2018 Flint, MI
“Applying what I learned in school to real experiences while working.”

IT Intern

May 2018 - July 2018 Flint, MI
“Everyday was something new to do. There were minor assignments that could be worked on everyday but most of the time some other assignment would come through the door to work on.”
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Questions & Answers

Any tips to help me prepare for an interview for a social work internship at Hurley Medical Center?

Internship +6

What's it like to be a social work intern at Hurley Medical Center?

Internship +5
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