Huron Mountain Club


June - August 2019 • Big Bay, MI

What I liked

Working at the Huron Mountain Club offers access to one of the largest privately owned tracts of land in the country. This is some of the most pristine, breathtaking wilderness which includes an array of all types of ecosystems from mountains to lakes and streams, with a portion located on Lake Superior. Hiking, swimming, rock climbing, boating, and fishing are just a few of the activities you can enjoy while working here.

What I wish was different

Most employees make minimum wage. On top of that, they charge room and board for staying in one of their dorms. This may not be cost effective given your individual situation.


If you pursue a job with the Huron Mountain Club, keep in mind that management is light and that this is a seasonal job that you would be dropping in on. Many other employees work there for much longer than the time that you would be there, so remain respectful. If you are skilled at self-management, and are a task-oriented person who loves the outdoors, you would enjoy working here as a summer prospect which is in the greater Marquette, MI area.
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