Hyrax Films

About Hyrax Films

A documentary production house specializing in long form investigative journalism with a focus on technology.

Our recent documentaries were acquired by Netflix, PBS, and HBO. Multiple projects are always in development.

Interns receive hands-on production and post-production experience tailored to individual interests and backgrounds. Previous interns have commented that they learned more from their time with Hyrax than during 4 years of college. Some interns have moved on to paid positions.

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Research Intern

June 2022 Seattle, WA
“I have only positive things to say about this internship. I came in with minimal experience and only passion about furthering my knowledge about documentary filmmaking. They were nothing but welcoming and flexible. The team there guided me and made me feel comfortable right away. They were curious about my opinions on the work and made sure to tell me they were appreciative of what I had to say. I am excited to continue working along side the team and continue to strengthen my skill set and relationships with everybody there. ”

Documentary Production Assistant

January 2022 - September 2022 Bellevue, WA
“This internship has been very helpful in guiding me through work that can sometimes feel aimless or ambiguous, and through this work I have learned many skills within my discipline as well as in film production, and research work that I further developed during my time as intern. I appreciate how my thoughts and ideas are inquired for and respected; the office is cozy and amenable, and work is assigned based on personal skills and interests. The team makes sure the work you are doing is valuable to you, and provides ample training for various software and methods used throughout the production process. Overall the experience is great and highly recommended”
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